MMA Financial Planning Series 2021

Empowering you with sound, neutral and unbiased financial knowledge to plan, invest, multiply and protect your wealth with acceptable risks.

MMA FPS 2021
"The 1st National Financial Literacy Series by Malaysian Medical Association Engaging Experts in the Respective Fields to Deliver High Quality Financial Information."

Webinar 3 - Stock Investment for Beginners – Baby Steps into the Share Market

Webinar 4 - Investing in the Stock Market (Cont’d) – Being a Value Investor

Webinar 5 - Income Protection - (Medical Card / Life Insurance / PA / Investment Linked Policies)

Webinar 6 – Property Investment Strategies (Part 1 & 2)

Webinar 7 – Unit Trusts, Private Retirement Schemes & ETF

Webinar 8 – Cryptocurrency & Common Investing Mistakes

Webinar 9 – Will, Wasiat & Trust : Is it too early to know?

Speaker Profiles

Meet Our Speakers


Mr Dinagaran Chandra

Mr Dinagaran Chandra (Dina) is a Senior Manager of Group Sustainability at Bursa Malaysia. He is responsible for Bursa Malaysia’s sustainability strategy and implementation efforts. He has extensive experience in sustainable and responsible investments, corporate sustainability, risk management and internal audit. Dina holds a Bachelor honours degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia and holds various professional sustainability credentials.


Ms AA Deepa

Ms A A Deepa is the Senior Vice President of Education, Group Sustainability in Bursa Malaysia. She is responsible for the development and implementation of education initiatives and programmes for the 3 markets i.e. Equities, Derivatives and Equities Islamic.  Ms Deepa was instrumental in the development of Bursa’s one stop e-Learning portal i.e. Bursa Academy which was rolled out on 3 June 2020. She is an Associate Member of The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and holds a Masters in International Management with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Mr Ho Kok Mun

Mr Ho Kok Mun is an author with a book “How to Make Money from Your Stock Investment Even in a Falling Market”. The book was first published in Malaysia in year 2004. It has also been translated to Mandarin. More than 37,000 copies of the book have been sold for the past 17 years. The books have helped many to change their perception on stock investment. It has been an evergreen bestseller in local bookstore. Ho Kok Mun would like to change the negative perception about stock investment. He wants to share how one can make money in the falling market. He will reveal the strategies behind his selection of his stocks, how to determine what the right price to buy, sell or to hold the stocks and how one can maximize return, even when the market is falling. Ho Kok Mun graduated with engineering degree from the University of Liverpool.


Mr CF Lieu

CF Lieu, CFP, is one of the most established & prolific independent licensed advisor in Malaysia with the most clients’ testimonials at . His best contents are available for free at CF Lieu YouTube channel ( He has also been engaged by Maybank and PNB, the biggest bank and fund manager in Malaysia, to conduct full day investment workshops for their internal staff which include relationship managers, analysts, private bankers and other financial intermediaries.

Dato KK Chua

Dato’ KK Chua is the managing director of Armani Media Sdn Bhd. He has more than 10 years of experience in this industry, as a registered real estate agent and property investor himself. Dato’ KK’s sharp business insight, proactive leadership and visionary strategies has led to the founding Armani Media which currently houses 2 brands which are Property Insight, the number one magazine in property investing & Entrepreneur Insight, a portal that provides all the latest and greatest movements in the world of business in Malaysia.


Dr Victor Gan

Dr. Victor Gan graduated from IMU and started housemanship in Hospital Queen Elizabeth, Sabah. His journey in real estate investment began when he bought his 1st property during his 2nd posting as a houseman in Hospital Likas. Ever since then, he has accumulated more than RM15mil worth of real estate and is a serial entrepreneur in interior design, property management, childcare centers and bird’s nest. He started his Dr.Victor Gan-Propertydoctor Facebook Page back in October 2017 to help his medical colleagues make informed decisions when it comes to real estate investment. Today, he has over 18,000 followers within a span of 3 years. A highly sought-after international speaker in real estate investment, he is an advocate for “Evidence Based Investment”, using evidence and value as prognosticator of future growth of real estate. His most famous catchphrase in investment is “Hope Is Not A Strategy”.


Mr Mark Chua

Mark Chua is an executive director in a financial institution, with close to 20 years of experience.  He believes passionately in being a Balanced all-rounder, where one needs to excel in both their Careers & Property Investments.  There is a synergy between having both Earned & Passive Incomes. Mark has built a sizable Property Portfolio in the Klang Valley region, and still finds joy in his day-job.  Previously, he was a columnist for Property Insight and I-money.  During his sabbatical, Mark became the bestselling author of the Book titled “Who Says” which spent more than 1 Year on the Bestsellers List. 

Dr Daniel Gambero

Expatriate from Italy in Malaysia since 1998. He is the co-founder and Group CEO of REI group of Companies, Deputy President of the Malaysia Proptech Association and Co-founder and Propenomist @ Dr Gambero has more than 35 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, the “Propenomy Model”; an algorythm based predictive modeling for property demand, officially launched in 2016. For years he has been a recognized and sought-after international & TEDx speaker, and strategic advisor for International and Malaysian developers, state & government agencies. He has done numerous studies on affordable housing, predictive analysis over demand, pricing and location which have been used in the futher development of Iskandar Malaysia and in Sarawak state.

Mr Ikhram Merican

Ikhram is the Regional Director of Hexamatics Servcomm, a certified content marketer, public speaker, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Buying Property. Ikhram’s specialization is in business development, property markets and personal growth. The Asian Property Review, in 2017, called him “one of the most experienced and successful AirBnB hosts in Malaysia”. He shares insights about the property market on his blog at Ikhram holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Monash University with double majors in Strategic Management and Electronic Commerce.

Dr. Tee Choun Zhi

A recipient of PhD in Chemical Engineering at the age of 24, practiced as a Process Engineer in Renewable Energy Sector, Water Filtration and Product Purification, last position held as Project Manager overseeing RM140million renewable energy projects. Realising that the importance of Financial Literacy in Malaysia, took a leap of faith and venture into Financial Services in 2017. Since, qualify to be the Member of Million Dollar Round Table for 2020 and 2021. Also multiple awardee in both Malaysia (AKARD) and Asia Pacific (APFinSA) since 2018. “No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.” Suze Orman


Many of us especially those in the healthcare sector do not have exposure to financial knowledge in school and are usually in a dilemma when it comes to investing their savings and hard-earned income. Most of the time, these savings are left idle in a savings accounts with the plan of wanting to invest once we have gained enough knowledge. However, reality is that be it in the private or public sector, most of us don’t have the time to read books or attend expensive courses to be informed about the available opportunities and equip ourselves with information to choose the right medium of growing or protecting our savings according to individual risk appetites. A pre-event survey, shows that close to 800 people are interested to sign up for this course if it were to be conducted.


The MMA FPS 2021 team decided to take up the challenge to organize a monthly webinar series engaging experts in the respective fields to deliver high quality, neutral and unbiased information on financial literacy.


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MMA Financial Planning Series

The MMA Financial Planning Series 2021 is the first national level financial literacy series of its kind to be organized by the Malaysian Medical Association. We are dedicating this event to all the healthcare workers of Malaysia who have been tirelessly serving the nation for more than a year now. We hope that with this little initiative of ours, we can acknowledge their sacrifices and offer them financial literacy to further enhance their financial status. We aim to equip the participants with neutral and unbiased information from renowned experts in the financial field and empower them to make sound financial decisions as well as to plan, invest, multiply and protect their wealth with acceptable risks. We hope you enjoy this event as much as we enjoyed organising it for you.

With Love,

MMA FPS 2021 Team


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